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Spotlight on: Annealing and Temper Grades

What is the process of annealing? Why must glass containers be annealed? How can the quality of annealing be verified? If you work in the hot-end of a glass plant or in quality control at a manufacturer, filler, or decorator, then knowing the answers to these questions is essential to the safety and performance of your product. We can answer those questions for you in our new live webinar, “Spotlight on: Bottle Annealing and Temper Grades” on June 7th

American Glass Research (AGR) has been conducting fracture analysis seminars for over 80 years. With budgets and travel still restricted, AGR has constructed a brand-new webinar to introduce the fundamental concepts of fracture analysis to employees of glass manufacturers, fillers, and distributors.

During approximately 1.5 hours of instruction, we will discuss the origin of forming stresses in glass and how they can be relieved through annealing. The effects of poor annealing on performance will also be illustrated, following by a primer in polarized light and the ASTM C148 measurement techniques for both flint and colored glass containers. Through this webinar, participants will gain a current, practical understanding of annealing in the glass container industry.

This webinar is a live presentation consisting of a 1.5 hour session plus Q&A, and will be conducted by Dr. Brandon Aldinger. For those unable to view the live broadcast, the webinar will be recorded so attendees can replay the presentation at their convenience. The live broadcast will be conducted at 9:00 EDT/13:00 GMT/15:00 CEST. The cost is $250 per person.

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Date of Live Webinar

The webinar starts at 9:00am EDT/13:00 GMT/15:00 CEST is about 1-1.5 hour long.

  • Tuesday June 7

Topics to be covered

  • Annealing principles in container manufacturing

  • Relationship between annealing stress & container performance

  • Overview of temper grade measurement using both strain discs and a polarimeter, per ASTM C148

Webinar Instructor

Senior Scientist

Brandon Aldinger

Brandon joined American Glass Research in 2015, where his areas of responsibility include fracture diagnosis, stone identification, pharmaceutical services, and internal research. He has published multiple technical papers on the optical and mechanical testing of laminated glass systems and on the surface chemistry of silicon. Brandon obtained his B.S. in Chemistry at Penn State University and went on to earn his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Cornell University. Previously, he spent five years as the Materials Scientist at Ibis Tek, LLC, where he designed bullet-resistant glass products and supervised an ISO 17025-certified testing laboratory.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Spotlight On: Annealing and Temper Grades

    • Annealing and Temper Grades

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