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Everything you need to know about glass packaging

A six session Webinar offering a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about glass containers, covering the highlights of glass as a material, container manufacturing, filling, testing, design, and fracture analysis.

Attendees will gain an appreciation for glass as a material and how it can be used to manufacture high quality glass containers, avoid defects and analyze breakage.

In this course, attendees will participate in a live webinar. Those who cannot attend the webinar live will be able to watch recordings at a later time.

The Webinars and E-seminars presented by on this site are solely for the use and viewing of those individuals (attendees) that have registered and purchased the material. Any rebroadcast, re-transmission or distribution of the video, descriptions, or discussion of the Webinars or E-seminars materials without the express written permission of American Glass Research are prohibited. More information can be found here.

Dates of Live Webinars

All webinars start at 9:00am EDT/13:00 GMT and are about 1-1.5 hours long.

  • Sessions 1 and 2: Tuesday Sept 1 and Thursday Sept 3

  • Sessions 3 and 4: Tuesday Sept 8 and Thursday Sept 10

  • Sessions 5 and 6: Tuesday Sept 15 and Thursday Sept 17

Topics to be covered

  • What is glass and how can it be used to manufacture high quality containers.

  • Overview of the glass container manufacturing.

  • Loads experienced during a container's life cycle.

  • How container design affects performance.

  • Glass strength.

  • Container manufacturing flaws.

  • Glass container testing and evaluation.

  • Basics of fracture analysis.

Webinar Instructors

AGR Director of Research

Bill Slusser

Bill has been with American Glass Research since 1998 following 8 years as a Research Engineer with Harbison-Walker Refractories. His principle areas of responsibility include operational management of the testing laboratory. This includes project scheduling, laboratory equipment and workforce performance and coordination of customer communications. In addition, his background includes expertise in qualification and proof-of-design testing projects as well as fracture diagnosis. He is a principal instructor for the fracture seminars, design seminars and pharmaceutical seminars. He has been issued a U.S. Patent and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University.

Senior Scientist

Brandon Aldinger

Brandon joined American Glass Research in 2015, where his areas of responsibility include fracture diagnosis, stone identification, pharmaceutical services, and internal research. He has published multiple technical papers on the optical and mechanical testing of laminated glass systems and on the surface chemistry of silicon. Brandon obtained his B.S. in Chemistry at Penn State University and went on to earn his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Cornell University. Previously, he spent five years as the Materials Scientist at Ibis Tek, LLC, where he designed bullet-resistant glass products and supervised an ISO 17025-certified testing laboratory.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: What is Glass and Manufacturing Overview

    • What is Glass and Manufacturing Overview

  • 2

    Part 2: Loads and Stresses

    • Loads and Stresses

  • 3

    Part 3: Design Changes: Cause and Effect

    • Design Changes: Cause and Effect

  • 4

    Part 4: Strength of Glass

    • Strength of Glass

  • 5

    Part 5: Container Testing

    • Container Testing

  • 6

    Part 6: Fracture Analysis and Final Review

    • Fracture Analysis and Final Review

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