About Us

Initially established in 1927 as Preston Laboratories, AGR is recognized around the globe as the preeminent provider of essential services to both manufacturers and users of glass products.

Fracture Diagnosis

Expert Fracture Diagnosis techniques applied to glass breakage to identify cause, provide solutions and prevent future breakage.

Performance Testing

Evaluation of glass container performance to avoid issues and reduce cost.

Surface Analysis

State-of-the-art analysis of coatings and inside/outside surface contamination to identify flaws and ensure proper lubricity and label adhesion.

Finite Element Analysis

Stress analysis of current or new glass container designs to assure desired performance or to Lightweight.

Design Services

Achieve an acceptable container for its intended use starting with the creation of a good commercial package from a sketch and specific boundary specifications.


American Glass Research offers a wide range of seminars from introductory to advanced level instruction, and includes topics on: fracture diagnosis, defect identification, effect of design on bottle performance, lightweighting, coating technology, cord and annealing and batch and furnace operations.


Open enrollment and private Glass Training Seminars on a wide range of glass topics to increase workforce knowledge.

Filling Line Audits

Examination and inspection of entire filling line to identify problem locations and to improve performance.

Manufacturing Line Audits

Audit of glass manufacturing facility and recommendations to assure quality glass containers.

Raw Materials

Fast, accurate analysis to characterize the purity of all of your batch materials. Awareness of raw material composition and purity is critical to arriving at the desired final glass composition.

Glass Composition

Glass analyses to resolve batch upset, meet compositional requirements and evaluate composition changes.

Glass Quality

Glass Property Characterization of density, softening point and coefficient of thermal expansion properties. The physical properties of a specific glass composition are critical to the handling and forming of molten glass into the finish product.

Processing Quality

Quantitative determination of stress levels resulting from annealing, cord or tempering.