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Spotlight on: Coatings - Purpose and Performance

This new, live webinar in our “Spotlight On” series, consists of 2 sessions of instruction and will provide an in-depth exploration of the  purpose of surface treatments that are applied to glass containers.  It will demonstrate the protection provided and indicate how the coatings ensure satisfactory container performance.
Topics covered include the general aspects related to the application and function of the hot end and cold end 
coatings.  An introduction to the instruments and test methods used to evaluate the quality of surface treatments will also be presented. Participants will also become familiar with the practical aspects of interpreting coating measurements through the use of case studies.
 The two 1+ hour sessions will be conducted by AGR Research Scientist Doug Holscher who holds a BS in Chemistry from Shippensburg University.
This is a currently a recording of a live webinar which can be replayed at your convenience. The cost is $375 per person. Group discounts are available.

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Topics to be covered

  • How Bottle Damage is Created

  • Need for Surface Treatments

  • Hot End Coating - Purpose and Application

  • Cold End Coating - Purpose and Application

  • Coating Testing

  • Industry Guidelines

  • Real World Coatings Case Studies

Webinar Instructor

Research Scientist

Doug Holscher

Doug joined AGR in 2006, primarily focused on resolving issues related to the use of coatings. Some of his responsibilities include contaminant analysis, breakage analysis, cord and annealing, container testing, and teaching seminars. Doug has worked with various companies in the development of proprietary coatings for the glass industry. Doug has obtained a B.S. in Chemistry from Shippensburg University. When Doug is not hard at work, his hard at play in the great outdoors.

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